The 7 Biggest Advantages Of Cloud Backups

Data has become one of the most important assets any business might have. Hence, cloud-based backups have become essential. Companies are increasingly turning to cloud backup, searching for companies and services that guarantee data security and protection.

Failure to do so could result in the loss of crucial data due to malware, accidents, or natural catastrophes. Open Storage Solutions has outlined the leading advantages of cloud-based data backups below.

1. Offsite Protection (Air-Gapping)

One of the greatest benefits of cloud backups is that they provide offshore protection. Although human mistake is one of the most common causes of data loss, data is also at risk from accidents and malevolent actions. Your onsite data can be compromised by fires, data corruption, and ransomware, making cloud backups a valuable supplement to your backup strategy. Cloud protection provides an additional degree of security, so files cannot be readily lost in the event of an emergency. A cloud-based backup can function as a type of air gap, protecting against hostile actors. Remember that your data remains vulnerable to time-bombed ransomware assaults, referred to as Attack-Loops.

2. Remote Access

Another benefit of cloud backups is their accessibility. The concept behind cloud-based backups is that they are accessible from any location at any time. This applies to businesses that store and manage data in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. Accessing the backup requires an internet connection regardless of location. It can help restore data faster than tapes transported from an offsite location. For large data sets and restores, you must consider both the amount of data being recovered and the bandwidth available.

3. Automated backups

As essential as it is, data backups may be tiresome, especially when performed manually. This is one reason why many businesses struggle to maintain daily backups. The top cloud service companies, however, offer automated backups, which are simpler and more comfortable. These backups can even be continuous, allowing you to back up data as it is modified, resulting in incredibly low RPOs.

4. Cost-effective

Cloud backups are also less expensive than traditional options. Traditional offsite or onsite backups and their maintenance can be highly expensive, despite the fact that there are techniques to cut costs. However, the type of quality cloud backups offered by companies like OSS is very cost-effective. In addition to backup convenience, the finest cloud backups are accompanied by a variety of other services. They include monitoring, upgrades, maintenance, and security for the server. All of these are performed automatically.

5. Security and Safety

Due to the overwhelming number of malware attacks that occur each year, the safety and security of your data are of the utmost significance. Surveys indicate that over 40 million attacks occur every other month. However, the majority of these attacks will go undiscovered. Considering these figures, the likelihood of data loss due to an assault is considerable. So, the safety and security that cloud backups provide cannot be disregarded.

6. Scalability

Cloud backups offer scalability, meaning you can easily increase or decrease the amount of storage you need based on your business requirements. This makes it easier to manage costs, as you only pay for the storage you use, and you can adjust your plan as your business grows or changes.

7. Compliance

Many businesses are subject to compliance regulations, such as HIPAA or GDPR, which require them to protect sensitive data. Cloud backups can help businesses meet these compliance requirements by providing secure storage and data encryption. This ensures that sensitive data is protected and stored in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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