OSS is a group of great individuals since 1977. Headquartered in Toronto, team OSS has locations all across Canada and the United States with 10+ branches. We have been active participants in developing and advancing data storage and security technologies. Enhancing OSS and creating even greater synergy, iVedha joined us in 2019. Open Storage Solutions provides strategies that help companies adapt and manage innovation and efficiency via Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-Prem options.

iVedha, a Canadian technology innovator, brought with it an award-winning cloud platform named AYTRA-a technology that simplifies, secures, and manages corporate data and platforms to Open Storage Solutions broad base of Clients.

Protecting your data

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with effective data backup and archiving solutions across physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments. With hyper customization, we design solutions that suit your specific business needs. Our solution utilizes minimum network bandwidth and cloud capacity in addition to full disaster recovery.

Managing your data

Our managed data services allow your IT professionals to focus on critical tasks as our experts take care of the daily administration of the data. We provide you with complete visibility into issues that need to be addressed. With total transparency at the core of what we do, we ensure your data is managed by us but very much in your control.

Storing your data

We have partnered with some of the most reputed and leading storage vendors to bring forth a range of capabilities to the table. Whether you need capacity-based backup storage, hybrid disk/flash storage, or all-flash arrays and hyper-converged solutions, we have it all. We help you choose the right storage solutions based on what your business needs.


From the beginning, our objective has been to deliver realistic data storage and protection solutions. We can assist you in selecting the optimal technologies and capabilities. Open Storage Solutions offers the personnel necessary to provide clients with long-term service and skilled support. Our managed data services allow your IT staff to concentrate on essential tasks while we handle the data. We provide comprehensive visibility into issues. In addition, we undertake frequent reviews to fulfil your requirements. We ensure that your data is managed transparently by us, yet under your control. We have worked with reliable storage providers in order to provide a variety of services. We offer solutions such as capacity-based backup, hybrid disk/flash, all-flash arrays, and hyperconvergence. We assist you in selecting business-specific storage options.



Sheridan College

“Over the years I have appreciated the high quality of the hardware solutions and support services provided by your organization. I am pleased to see that you are broadening your range of services, but still relying on very knowledgeable experts to provide those services. Thank you….”

Canadian Institution of Higher Learning

“Open Storage did a great job of listening to our needs and then recommending a solution that fit perfectly.  They kept bringing the same people back to speak with us, so we didn’t need to bring them up-to-speed every time. With some other vendors you get a different representative in every meeting and you have to start from square one.”

City of Coquitlam

“We got incredible service. The installation went really well. We were very impressed by how smoothly everything ran.”