Open Storage solutions is proud to be a
QLogic Signature Partner

With Qlogic switches and Qlogic HBA's, OSS is able to provide a total SAN fabric from one manufacturer which ensures total protection from all possible interoperability issues!

Fibre Channel Switches

QLogic Now Shipping First Stackable 8Gb Fibre Channel Switches and 8Gb HBA's. The SANbox 5800 not only introduces 8Gb performance but also includes 10Gb stacking ports (Ugradeable to 20Gb with an easy-to-activate license option) to insure easy growth and assured interoperability with other members of the Qlogic switch family. SANbox® 5800 Stackable Switches Now Available from Open Storage Solutions.

Deployed as standalone units or in multi-stage "fabrics" of any size, QLogic SANbox® switches come pre-loaded with all the software tools necessary to create easy-to-manage, resilient and intelligent SANs. Let OSS help design your Fiber Channel Infrastructure.

Qlogic SANbox Enterprise Series
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SANbox 5800

Time to Haul Apps! 8 Gb/sec, back compatible, 20 port fibre channel SAN switch. Now also includes 10Gb/sec inter-switch connections.(Ugradeable to 20Gb with an easy-to-activate license option). The ideal companion to the new 8Gb/sec HBA products.

SANbox 9000

Highly scalable, stackable chassis switch with dedicated 800Gb/s HyperStackT connection between as many as two chassis modules; supports up to 256 ports in a dual chassis configuration.

SANbox 5600

Stackable Switch - 4 Gb/sec, 8, 12 or 16 auto detecting 4Gb/2Gb /1Gb device ports, 4 10Gb ports for high speed stacking links

SANbox 5200

Stackable Switch - 2 Gb/sec + 10 Gb/sec

SANbox 6140

Intelligent Storage Router

2 Gb Fiber to/from 1G Ethernet

iSCSI to Fiber Channel routing

Qlogic SANbox Small & Medium Business
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SANbox 3050

8 auto-detecting 2Gb/1Gb user device ports.

SANbox Express 1400

10 4Gb or 2Gb device auto-sensing, self-configuring ports

Qlogic HBA's
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Single Port 8Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express Host Bus Adapter (also available as a dual port version - QLE2562)