Managed AWS Services


Public cloud management and optimization needs public cloud expertise. 

Specialized Expertise in AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS 


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful infrastructure as a service platform but with great power comes great complexity.

Navigating through this intricate platform requires both niche expertise and a lot of time. You have a business to run and resources many IT teams cannot spare. With OSS Managed AWS, certified AWS engineers and architects help you secure, maintain and optimize AWS successfully and economically.

We design and implement robust, scalable cloud-native solutions that deliver performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. 

Choose the right Managed AWS Service

Open Storage Solution offers Managed AWS across three core service areas, all specifically designed to address tailored your specific requirement of a public cloud IaaS platform.



OSS will scale your applications to AWS so you don’t have to worry about vital provisioning, architecture, security or monitoring, maintenance and optimization tasks.

We manage and optimize your AWS infrastructure, across EC2, VPC, ELB, S3 and Direct Connectivity


OSS will retain your data in secure, durable, and extremely low-cost Amazon S3 cloud storage for data archiving and long-term backup.

We manage your data lifecycle across storage services, data-transfer (Direct Connect), security and networking service combinations.


Blend the ideal AWS solution with your own on-premises, colo or the OSS cloud environment.

We manage and optimize your workloads based on your specific, unique and changing needs.


Strategy and RoadMap based on AWS architecture, roadmapping to benchmark current infrastructure and technology operations against best practices defined by AWS 

Migrations – Migrating applications and other clouds to AWS. 

Backup and DR – Cloud-based data management and protection services. 

Storage  – Setting up a virtual unlimited storage management and delivering contents through CDN. 

VMware Cloud on AWS 

Migrating an existing solution into VMware Cloud on AWS requires a thoughtful consideration of the challenges, trade-offs, and variables. 

With decades of both data centre and cloud expertise, we know how to align resources to business outcomes, manage budget expectations, and execute VMware Cloud on AWS migrations with minimized risk to your business operations. 

We are the only MSP holding the VMware Master Services Competency as well as the AWS Premier Consulting Partner Status with DevOps, Government, and Nonprofit competencies. 

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