Data Storage, Protection and Recovery

As the core driver of your business, data must be available to you quickly, easily and predictably in order for you to achieve operational excellence, 

innovate and gain that all-important competitive edge. 

Store. Protect. Recover. 

Open Storage Solutions® offers data management and information asset protection solutions leveraging multi-cloud technology to optimize compute, network, and storage resources.

We also offer ransomware protection, keeping data and applications native in a secure, immutable format .


From basic storage, through hyperconverged and into the cloud, we’ll help you meet your objectives and define your strategy to keep your data safe, secure and available.

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We’ve been in the business of data protection for over 40 years. We’ve helped our clients to ensure high availability and persistence of data to meet the ever-changing service levels (SLA)

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Managed DR with HA service from OSS enables you to step up from simply maintaining a copy of all your protected data off-site, to a ready-to-run, second instance of your IT systems

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Your cloud-based compute services are managed and hosted in a secure environment.

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