Secure your Data by Eliminating Implicit Trust

Continuously validate all users, both inside and outside the network, using the Zero Trust and XDR methods.

Managed security 1
Managed security 1

Secure your Data by Eliminating Implicit Trust​

Continuously validate all users, both inside and outside the network, using the Zero Trust and XDR methods.

Managed Firewall Service

Managed firewall services provide proactive monitoring and notifications for informed and rapid response.

Managed Anti-Virus Service

We assist you to proactively stay ahead of malware threats and prevent cyber attacks more effectively.

Managed Anti-Spam Service

We provide enterprise-grade fully managed, multi-layered email threat detection and protection.

Detection and Response

Threat monitoring, analysis, and response to match the evolving needs of your modern business.

Vulnerability Scanning

Minimize your risk exposure and protect your organization from external attacks targeting your systems.

Cybersecurity Awareness Service

We assist to improve cyber resilience to minimize security incidents and unforeseen costs.

Providing you with the right solutions for all your security needs

In addition to reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, Open Storage Solutions provides managed security services across our managed cloud and data recovery solutions, supported by our first-class in-house technical team.

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service combined with our Vulnerability Scanning service provides internal and external protection across multiple attack surfaces and we defend your infrastructure through proactive internal and external threat analysis, resolution and ongoing monitoring of your network, systems and data. Add in our comprehensive Managed Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions, and it truly provides a complete Security as a Service portfolio.

The latest addition to our Cybersecurity services is the Cybersecurity Awareness Training which provides the continuous, relevant, and measurable testing and education that businesses need to minimize risky user behaviors and resulting security incidents.

Common customer challenges and how we solve them

Benefits of Open Storage Solutions

Secure all Clouds & Platforms

Protect Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and IoT platforms.

Protect your On-Prem Workloads

With our best-in-class solutions, you can ensure that your data and systems are always secure, accessible, and optimized.

Zero Trust and XDR

Zero trust networks act as a Security framework that Constantly validates all users both within and outside the network.

Better Protection for Less

Reduce your operating costs by simplifying your operations. We offer the most Comprehensive and cost-effective set of solutions on the market.

Cutting Edge Technology

Get leading integrated security tools to prevent, detect, and respond to modern attacks with cloud-native SIEM and XDR

Data security with A.I

Detect and remove threats before they cause damage, detect and respond to threats in a smarter and faster manner with artificial intelligence (AI).

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