Intelligent Security Analytics

Discover, prevent, and respond to advanced security incidents.

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Intelligent Security Analytics

Discover, prevent, and respond to advanced security incidents.

Advanced Threat Detection

Stay a step ahead of detected and undetected cyberthreats and stop them in their tracks with 24/7 threat prevention, detection and response capabilities powered by AI, all while improving the productivity of your security operations center. Leverage endpoint monitoring and management features to secure all devices across your environments and mitigate endpoint attacks.

Incident Response and Forensics

Investigate and respond to a detected security incident by leveraging capabilities such as incident triage, incident response, threat intelligence curation and management, compliance monitoring and management. Take advantage of preventative and proactive services, significantly reducing the time to respond to an incident.

Build Your Defense Against The Most Advanced Cyberthreats

Visibility is key to protecting your business against the menace of advanced cyberattacks. As systems, tools and applications are scattered in a hybrid environment—cloud and on-premises—security operations teams often struggle with threat detection and response.

With our trusted expertise, harness the power of analytics and other emerging technologies to detect, triage, investigate and respond to advanced cyberthreats before they impact your business. Open Storage Solutions Security Operations and Response Services help you to leverage AI-powered threat detection and incident response to eliminate false positives, focus on threats that matter, and improve response times.


Secure data across your enterprise.


Threats with vast threat intelligence.


Critical incidents guided by AI.


Rapidly and automate protection.


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