Data Storage Is Important. As an IT professional, no one understands this better than you. IT is all about the data, and if it is not secure, accessible and highly available, business grinds to a halt. Your business is generating more data than you thought even possible five years ago with on-line transactions, AI, machine learning, as well as video-on-demand, sensors, IoT, and all the business-created data that you were always responsible for before. Then there are the data lakes that were created to allow your business to mine important information sometime in the future. It is all your responsibility, and you must find a way to store it all, make it available, and on-budget. 

Data storage solutions often include hardware storage components, software and some level of professional services. By proposing “best practices” together with “open” solutions, our customers are assured effective implementations. 

For over forty years Open Storage Solutions® has been addressing our customers’ data challenges. We work with you to link your business objectives to your data storage needs. From basic storage, through hyper-converged and into the cloud, we’ll help you meet your objectives and define your strategy to keep your data safe, secure and available



Not all data is equal. As data ages it becomes less critical, yet still important to manage in the data life-cycle. Most organizations have at least a seven-year retention policy, some keep their information indefinitely, and a few insist on purging data after just thirty days. Managing and protecting that data, and establishing your retention policy will be significant in your data capacity requirements, backup  protocol and, of course, costs. Talk to us about storage management, protection and about effective and certified data destruction.


Current technology storage systems are high-density, high performance and scalable. This has been driven by big data, the advent and profusion of the internet of things (IoT), and the increase of real-time database analytics to turn that data into usable information. Converged infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure, scale-out, scale-up and object storage platforms are what we now have to address the over 160 zettabytes (ZB) of new data that will be generated in the next five years. To put that in perspective, until 2016, the world had created an estimated 16 ZB.

Need to see how your storage compares to best practices?

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Got questions? We have answers. We have been answering our customers’ IT challenges for over forty years.