Open Storage Solutions® holds high-level partnerships with the leading manufacturers of server hardware: Dell®, HPE® and Supermicro®. These partnerships ensure you that our Solutions Architects are highly trained on the platforms and their ideal configuration. Not only that, but as a partner, we can provide you with the best pricing available for your investment.

We offer extensive and flexible leasing options, and hardware subscription options, to meet your business requirements. Our subscription model, or Hardware as a Service (HaaS), is a flexible option if you don’t want to own your own servers or other hardware. Need your servers hosted in a top tier data centre? Our Cloud Services provide a wide range of options to fit your exact requirements.


Server Application Mapping

Simply stated, we work with you to ensure that your server is purpose-built to provide the computing resources required. Naturally, this service is included with your server purchase, and we guarantee our recommendations.

Field Services

We offer enhanced services over and above those provided by the manufacturer. In addition, our extended support ensures that your servers will be maintained for as long as you need, even well after the manufacturer has announced the model is “end-of- life”.

Deployment Services

Open Storage Solutions provides flexible deployment services for your implementation. By flexible, we mean where and when you need it – if you need to purchase servers in Halifax, but deploy them in Las Vegas or Calgary, we’ll manage that project from end to end.

Server Consolidation Planning 

If you are moving to a virtual environment, we will provide the expert assistance required to plan the complete consolidation project, and we’ll show you how this will provide substantial operational efficiencies, improved reliability, and all the while, saving costs

Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution Profile

Read about our solution response to a customer’s challenge.

Let our virtualization experts help you choose the right servers for your environment. . Contact us now.