Complete data centre solutions for your compute, non-compute, storage assets 

Infrastructure Solutions

Of course we offer Compute, Storage and Networking, but we have always offered a robust foundation on which to build your IT environment—your data centre. Whether you need a data centre that sits on a raised floor, is within a modular framework, is a self-contained secure micro data centre in a closet, or in a portable container, we can help you. We offer solutions that reduce time, complexity and scale up or down quickly. 

Your infrastructure is the foundation on which all your information systems are built. Whether you need a data centre that sits on a raised floor, is within a modular framework, is a self-contained, secure micro data centre in a closet, or in a portable container, we can help.

Today’s high-density server applications demand a rack infrastructure that can mount a mix of different IT equipment, effectively manage airflow and support high-capacity cable management in an efficient, flexible design. Rack enclosure solutions provide the latest cable management innovations to optimize installation of any mix of IT equipment. Bigger isn’t always better. We can turn any space into an IT environment.

> Engineered to optimize proper airflow
> Promotes efficient cable management
> Allows for quick and easy access to new rack equipment
> Extensive portfolio of standard racks
> Customize racks, rack-mount PDUs to exact specifications

We offer the widest range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) solutions to match all needs and budgets, providing high-quality UPS solutions from the world leader to increase power density, power availability, and system up-time. We offer you power solutions that are easy to deploy and manage remotely. Backed by a worldwide network of service specialists provide a full range of services throughout the complete life-cycle of your installations.

> Best-in-class power density
> Outlet-level load management by single-phase UPSs


Every piece of IT equipment that consumes power produces an equivalent amount of heat. Unsuitable or mismatched technology for your environment can result in higher costs and increased risk of failure and downtime. Our efficient, flexible and reliable solutions help tackle growing heat densities while reducing operating costs.

We provide cooling that supports higher density IT equipment and eliminates hot spots that result in premature equipment failure, system crashes, random reboots, and poor system performance.

Whether you are building a new server room or retrofitting or modernizing an existing one, we can help you select an effective cooling solution for a healthy data centre environment.


We hold high-level partnerships with the leading manufacturers of server hardware: Dell, HPE and SuperMicro to ensure your server is purpose-built to meet your goals 

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From basic storage, through hyper-converged and into the cloud, we’ll help you meet your objectives and define your strategy to keep your data safe, secure and available.

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We’ll help you meet the demands of your high-performance environment with networking switches that are resilient, high-density and full featured.

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Complete Data Centre –  Whether you need a data centre that sits on a raised floor, is within a modular framework, is a self-contained, secure micro data centre in a closet, or in a portable container, we can help.

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