Disaster Recovery: Don’t let downtime destroy your business

Recovery from a disaster is a crucial component of any business continuity plan, as the lack of a plan can have devastating results. There are numerous causes of downtime, including human mistakes, natural calamities, and cyberattacks. In the current digital world, it is essential for organizations to have a dependable disaster recovery plan in place to safeguard their data and operations. With their decades of experience, open storage solutions can help businesses ensure that their data is secure and recoverable in the case of a disaster.

Did you know? Nearly 70% of small enterprises that suffer a significant data loss fail within a year. A solid business continuity plan must include a solution for catastrophe recovery. That is not the only noteworthy figure about disaster recovery.

Here are data collected by others:

25% of all PC users experience data loss annually. (Gartner)

30% of all firms that experience a major fire fail within a year. (The Home Office Computing Magazine)

94% of businesses that experience a catastrophic data loss fail, 43% never reopen, and 51% fail within two years. (University of Texas at Austin)

According to Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide of Disaster Recovery as a Service, 72% of firms needed to be better positioned in terms of disaster recovery capabilities in 2021, with 59% of respondents anticipating an increase in budgetary expenditure on disaster recovery in 2022.

By investing in disaster recovery, you can reduce downtime and ensure that your organization can continue to operate regardless of unforeseen events.

Open storage solutions give enterprises extensive disaster recovery options to reduce data loss and downtime. These systems are built on numerous levels of data protection, including off-site backup and storage. By implementing these solutions, organizations can rest assured that their vital data is protected and they can recover rapidly in the event of a crisis.

The following are key components of OSS’s disaster recovery solutions:

Quick Response: In the event of a serious external threat, such as a cyberattack or natural disaster, time is of the essence. Our team of experts in disaster recovery reacts quickly to ensure that our clients sustain no losses and can quickly resume normal operations.

Proactive Approach: We take a proactive approach to disaster recovery, focusing on safety, security, and the mitigation of malevolent intent. Our solutions are intended to prevent disasters from occurring, decreasing the chance of data loss and downtime.

Comprehensive & Hands-On: Our staff easily integrates into our client’s organization, working closely with them to determine their specific needs and then designing a disaster recovery plan to meet those needs. We provide comprehensive help throughout the entire process of catastrophe recovery, guaranteeing that our clients are properly safeguarded.

In conclusion, disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and in any shape, harming businesses permanently. A disaster recovery plan must be in place in order to maintain business continuity and reduce financial losses. Open Storage Solutions provides comprehensive disaster recovery solutions that are swift, proactive, thorough, and hands-on, ensuring that your organization can recover rapidly from any incident. With decades of experience in the storage solutions sector, we are confident in our capacity to safeguard our clients from financial loss, downtime, and loss of reputation in the case of an emergency. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions and how we can help to safeguard your business.