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Did you know? In the face of Covid-19, There was almost 200 million ransomware attacks that transpired in the first 9 months of 2020. About 3 out of 10 organizations have seen a spike in the volume of attacks during the pandemic. Not only are remote workers removed from the security of the company’s proximity and technical support, but they are the most vulnerable to these attacks.


Let Open Storage Solutions protect your Company from these Cyber Security attacks and show you the benefits that Total Protection Provides.

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  • Migration: Complete the migration to Office 365 with minimal business impact
  • Advanced Security Features: Customers will be provided assistance creating security policies
  • Reduced Cost : Streamlined and consolidated email app, One app ( Collaboration , Meeting , File Share, etc.)
  • Mobile Access: Employees will be able to use mobile web apps to access Office 365 (including email) on the go.
  • Sharing abilities (Unified Apps): Office 365 gives users the opportunity to easily and securely share (internal and external users) and sync files and documents seemlessly.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Employees can easily host online meetings, whiteboarding and share presentation content to boost collaboration and productivity.

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