Software Installation Services

Open Storage Solutions® Inc offers Professional Services for data management solution deployment to meet your business objectives. Integrating hardware, software, services, support and training, our team uses proven best practices to successfully and efficiently install and configure the recommended solution.

In addition to installing and configuring your data management solution, our Professional Services team will provide a Post Installation Summary Report documenting the implementation details and appropriate configuration parameters.

We provide two types of installation services to meet the needs of different customers:

KickStart Installation Service is designed to help you get your implementation off on the right foot.

During a KickStart Installation, we work with your team to configure the new backup server and install a selection of clients and database modules for each platform. The goal is to fully install and configure a template system. This template system will be representative of your entire installation. We'll have it running and successfully backing up so that you have a working system to build upon.

Your team will work alongside our consultants in order to learn how to complete the installation themselves.

We finish the installation by providing on-site training for your team on daily operational tasks and delivering our standard documentation package. The training and documentation will prepare your team to maintain the system going forward.

This service is popular with customers who have a large number of clients with a limited budget and who have a capable technical staff to continue the rollout once oriented.

Complete Installation Service is designed for clients who want an end-to-end service.

This service includes the planning meetings and data gathering, the creation of detailed project plans and statements of work, and the installation of the backup server, all clients, additional modules for databases and messaging servers, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

Open Storage Solutions tailors the configuration of the products based on your requirements and business objectives, including backup window, tape rotation and retention policies (for backup systems), zoning considerations, hardware constraints, and future growth (for storage systems). Extensive testing for data accessibility, data restore, and disaster recovery is also available.

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