Backup Health Check

Today's enterprise backup systems are complex and highly-configurable programs capable of backing up large amounts of data across multiple platforms. Because they are so customizable, configuring systems to perform backups across a LAN, WAN, or SAN can be complex and present difficulties.

A single misconfigured setting can lead to troublesome errors and serious performance bottlenecks, resulting in an insufficient level of data protection. Even if a system is working, it may not be optimized for peak performance or positioned to handle your anticipated growth.

Open Storage Solutions' Backup Health Check service is intended for customers interested in increasing the reliability, performance, and effectiveness of their current backup systems.

Our service consists of:

The Backup Heath Check service can be a one-time consulting engagement or it can be utilised as a monthly, quarterly or yearly service.

An Open Storage Solutions Storage "Backup Health Check" will provide you with the confidence that your storage management infrastructure will meet your service level expectations today and continue to do so tomorrow.

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