In today's complex, dynamic, distributed and heterogeneous environments, it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to truly grasp just how well their data is protected. Most companies routinely backup their data but don't really have an effective solution in place. In fact, many complete only 60% of their scheduled backups and relatively few review their backups to ensure they can, in fact, be restored.

As specialists in storage management and backup/recovery for over 25 years, Open Storage Solutions® Inc can provide an expert, third-party objective analysis of your infrastructure and, if necessary, recommend changes to improve upon it. As part of this service, a qualified Open Storage Solutions consultant will:

Based on the data gathered, we will provide a report which will rate your current environment and, if necessary, provide technologies/strategies such as disk-to-disk, LAN-free, replication, bare metal, delta block, etc, to improve upon it.

An Open Storage Solutions Data Protection Audit will provide you with confidence that your backup/recovery infrastructure does, in fact, Protect your Data and meets your expectations with respect to achieving desired service levels and Disaster Recovery needs.