OSS Watch Dog RMS

Remote Monitoring Service

RAID is for critical data

WatchDog RMS from Open Storage Solutions® is a remote monitoring service for your Open Storage Solutions’ RAID subsystem. WatchDog RMS keeps an eye on your system and notifies the OSS call-centre if there are any irregular developments with components such as drives, power supplies, batteries, fans or controllers, as well as environmental problems.

We take the responsibility to be proactive;
If an issue arises, a detailed and sophisticated message is sent directly to the OSS call-centre. An operator immediately notifies the service team who instantly act upon the situation. They contact your System Administrator and arrive on the scene with the appropriate equipment to rectify the problem. With WatchDog RMS, we can anticipate and diagnose problems before they escalate into disastrous situations. In addition to notifying the OSS call-centre, WatchDog RMS can be configured to notify your System Administrator as well.

Your data is critical. It is Friday. Your Sys Admin is just leaving for the weekend. One of the older drives in your RAID system is running a bit warm, and it is getting hotter as the Sys Admin is getting her coat on. Just as she turns the key to lock the door, the drive fails.

Now you are vulnerable. If another drive goes down before the failed drive is replaced, your data will be at risk. Your Sys Admin will be away for 62 hours. As she gets to her car her pager goes off. She phones the number. It is an OSS Field Service Technician.

He tells her that a drive has failed, he has a replacement part in his hand, and he's on his way.
All before she reached her car.

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