Advance Exchange Support Program

Certain OSS Products are eligible (or include) OSS Advance Exchange Support.

This support program provides customers with replacement product before they have to return their existing unit, which may still be partially functional. A second advantage is that you can re-use the shipping container and packaging material that come with the advance exchange unit if you have not retained the original packing.

To utilize this service (if eligible) you are required to complete our "Advance Exchange Commitment Form" which allows us to charge you for the replacement unit if you do not return the faulty unit within 10 days of receiving the replacement. Your only cost is the return shipping cost of the defective item. Replacement products will be the same model or equivalent, and may be new or refurbished to Open Storage Solutions' standard of quality. Replacement units assume the remaining warranty period of your original unit.

If you do not already have this coverage and would like to upgrade your hardware warranty to Open Storage Solutions' Advance Exchange option within 30 days of unit purchase please call 1 (905) 790-0660 or email Service

Open Storage Solutions attempts to cross-ship a replacement unit to you within 48 hours of your call.

Download the AEP form here