What is at stake is the performance of your IT infrastructure.
Getting it right is more than choosing hardware and software.
It is about using those resources to their full potential.
It is the ability to store, retrieve, move your data and maintain high data availability.


Our clients stick with us. It's really not about who we serve, but how we serve them. Open Storage Solutions has been in the data storage industry since 1977 and our client list reads like a Who's Who in industry, government, manufacturing, financial, entertainment and so many more. You might be interested to hear that we have been in the storage business for decades, or that over 40% of our team is devoted to customer service, or about our talented and highly trained service and support crew, but what you really want to know is how we can get results for your project.


Your project will get the team's full attention. Each project has its own objectives and we want to get to the heart of them. We'll sit with you and find out what your objectives are and ask a few questions about your business and how the project fits in. Then we'll do some research on your current systems and preferences before bringing the project to the design team. We want to have a full understanding of your environment with an understanding of your business goals, short and long term. We will research your IT infrastructure so that we can provide you with an impartial evaluation of your software, systems and IT processes.

Assessment and Design

Infrastructure performance optimization. After analyzing your current environment, we make detailed recommendations for improving reliability, efficiency and performance while always keeping an eye on your objectives. We'll present you with a detailed design package including a project layout, specification table, benefit statement, schedule of deployment, upgrade and expansion roll-out schedule and budget.


Our service team will manage the project and implement the project as designed and on budget. You will watch your project be brought to life by some of the most talented and highly trained people in the IT industry.

Some of the services we offer: 

Storage Assessment or Design for the Enterprise  Enterprise Storage RFP Consulting  Data Protection Auditing 
E-Mail Data Services Lifecycle and Compliancy  Backup Assessment  First Line Enhanced Support 
Software/Hardware Installation  Upgrade Services  Ethical and Secure Ewaste disposal
Media Transfer Services