NEO xl tape libraries

The NEO XL-Series ensures that data is protected faster, smarter, easier and more cost-effectively.

The scalable design of the NEO XL-Series allows customers to customize their backup and archive solution by starting out with either a 3U, 32-slot or 6U, 80-slot single-drive library and scaling to as many as 560 slots and 42 tape drives. The seamless design of NEOxl libraries allows you to add both data cartridges and tape drives as you scale, instead of requiring you to choose between capacity or performance.

Key Features

  • Capacity ranging from 200TB to 16.8PB
  • Data transfer rates ranging from 576 Gb/hr. to 113TB/hr.
  • Rack-friendly form factor for optimal density & use of valuable rack space
  • Intelligent monitoring management and diagnostics
  • Ability to scale capacity and performance as needed
  • Redundant data path and control path for increased data availability
  • Redundant power for enhanced data availability
  • Supports encryption key management functionality with a broad range of key management servers
  • Includes NEO Agility LTFS support for disk-like file drag and drop and archive management

NEO XL Data Sheet

When both your budget and your storage capacity is being squeezed, look no further than the NEO S series. 

NEO S Series Data Sheet