The easy-to-use, comprehensive, affordable management appliance.

The Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance fulfills all of the systems management needs of an organization from initial system deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

Designed to save you time, and save your company money, KACE Management Appliances typically install in under one day at a low total cost.

Open Storage Solutions, a KACE Certified Partner, provides JumpStart Programs which include all of the installation guidance and training activities necessary to ensure you enjoy all of the benefits of your KBOX™ appliance, quickly and seamlessly.

THE CHALLENGE: Now more than ever, systems management professionals in organizations of all sizes are charged with doing more with less. Often this is because the size and sophistication of their environment has grown, but the staff and budgetary resources needed to manage it have not kept pace.

THE OPTIONS: Traditional software-based solutions exist, but are designed for the largest enterprises, and the investment necessary in pre-requisite software, hardware, services, maintenance and training can be too costly and too complex. Now there’s an alternative. The KACE Management Appliance.

THE SOLUTION: The KACE Management Appliance provides organizations of all sizes with comprehensive, end-to-end systems management capabilities via affordable and easy-to-use appliances. The KACE Management Appliance supports plug and play deployment onto your LAN and is simple to upgrade; it can perform in stand-alone mode or can be easily configured to integrate with existing LAN services such as LDAP, Active Directory and SAN facilities. Absolutely no up front customization or programming effort is required to enable the appliance.

Call us today to find out how a KBOX is brining enterprise-scale systems management functionality to organisations of all sizes, significantly saving you time and your company money over software only solutions.

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