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Open Storage Solutions is proud to be a EMC Software Premier Enterprise Solution Partner

EMC Software delivers worldwide enterprise class software solutions and services that keep the world's business-critical information and applications available. With a direct sales force and through strategic partnerships and alliances, EMC Software delivers the advantages of business continuance through enterprise automation with information protection, application availability and storage management solutions. EMC's software solutions and services are what customers need to succeed in today's competitive environment.

EMC has a long tradition of adopting and driving storage-specific standards. EMC Software was the first in the market to introduce a common tape format (OpenTape), common media management interface (SmartMedia), and the industry's first open storage management framework (GEMS).

In the increasingly important Storage Area Network (SAN) market, EMC Software is both a founding member and a member of the Board of Directors of the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) in the USA and Europe.

EMC Information Management Solutions

EMC, directly and through strategic partnerships and alliances, develops and delivers the software solutions and services that protect and make available the business-critical information that customers need to succeed in today's competitive environment. To succeed in this mission, EMC Software combines solution components from three essential categories:

EMC 's solution recognizes the interdependence between data and applications. Customers need to ensure that data is protected, that applications are available, and that both are efficiently and cohesively managed.

Content & Messaging

Capture. Organize. Access.

EMC's Content and Messaging solutions help maximize the value of your business critical information by enabling immediate access from user desktops or the web, facilitating its use in daily applications and supporting compliance with regulations and corporate retention policies. The ApplicationXtender® family is an integrated suite of content management products that allows organizations to capture, manage and store all kinds of business information, including images, electronic files, electronic forms, faxes email and computer output reports. Both desktop and Web interfaces are available for contribution, management and access of content. The ApplicationXtender family provides the key elements to support a comprehensive content management strategy, and can help an organization achieve significant cost savings and productivity gains for an outstanding return on investment.

With support for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Unix Sendmail and Bloomberg Mail, the EmailXtender® family is a comprehensive, policy-based system that automatically collects, organizes, retains and retrieves messages/attachments. By creating and managing a central repository of email and other messages, EmailXtender helps reduce the cost of email storage, boost end-user and administrator productivity and control risk by supporting compliance with government regulations.

Automated Availability

Monitor. Remedy. Proceed.

The foundation of EMC's Automated Availability suite is EMC AAM, a solution that monitors and manages the availability of application resources. AAM monitors the health and reponsivesness of applications and notifies the apprpriate personnel when critical thresholds are exceeded, and restarts applications automatically when failures occur. AAM also automates application management, to lower the cost of ownership associated with high-maintenance applications and management tasks.

EMC AAM runs on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, and Windows NT/2000. For Windows-focused environments that need a solution tuned for Windows applications, EMC Co- StandbyServer AAdvanced monitors and restarts Windows applications and integrates synchronous mirroring to avoid the expense and extra overhead of managing an external disk device. Co-StandbyServer seamlessly integrates with AAM, to enable a single way to manage availability from the branch office to the data center. EMC RepliStor Software adds asynchronous data replication for Windows NT/2000, supporting as many servers as you need and as far apart as you need, to replicate Windows data where you need it, when you need it. RepliStor is used for a variety of business purposes that include obtaining disaster recovery protection, consolidating data for off-line data backup, sharing data among departments and across sites, and for creating secondary copies of data for decisionsupport and other purposes.

Information Protection

Centralize. Manage. Recover.

In data centers, departments, and branch offices, the need for reliable, comprehensive, automated protection of information assets has never been more critical. Yet with vast, expanding storage volumes, 24x7x365 service level demands, new complexities of SAN and NAS storage architectures, and relentless pressure to lower costs data protection is an increasingly difficult challenge for today's global enterprise

To meet this challenge, EMC Software delivers the performance, flexibility and management consistency required to fully protect storage assets across heterogeneous environments, reduce overhead, and minimize downtime. The foundation of EMC's suite of Information Protection solutions is EMC NetWorker® software, providing centralized, automated data protection and restore across UNIX®, Windows®, NetWare®, and Linux® platforms. NetWorker utilizes a client/server architecture comprising three distinct functions within a data zone - Clients, Storage Nodes, and Server. AutoChanger/Silo modules deliver advanced, automated media management and broad support for the industry's leading tape and optical autochangers. Use NetWorker DiskBackupT Option to leverage high-speed, high-capacity disk arrays to perform faster recovery and backup, as well as increase ROI of tape storage. NetWorker

Modules keep mission-critical applications online during backup operations and provide point-in-time, granular recovery to simplify and speed recovery operations. EMC Celestra® components further extend NetWorker functionality by freeing application servers and LAN bandwidth from the impact of backup operations and delivering high-speed recovery. HSM and Archive modules improve storage management and further reduce backup completion times.

EMC NetWorker Management Console enables system administrators to flexibly work on- or off-site, even from home, to monitor, administer, and report on any global NetWorker server. EMC NetWorker Operations delivers an easy-to-use interface for managing NetWorker backup operations to maximize operator productivity and free system administrators from time-consuming, routine NetWorker tasks. Use EMC NetWorker Recovery Manager to perform baremetal, boot-level recovery of critical servers quickly and restore data immediately without having to first rebuild the operating system.

The EMC DiskXtender Software Family for Storage Management makes storage management easy and affordable. By intelligently automating the movement of inactive data to the most cost effective media and devices, DiskXtender solutions provide virtually infinite storage capacity, significantly reduce backup and restore time, and lower the overall cost of cost of storage ownership.

Use EMC NetWorker Laptop to provide complete, reliable, automated protection for data where it is most often at risk - on laptops, desktops and at remote sites - with minimum user effort and maximum speed and security.

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