Finding the holy grail of data protection!

Let's face it; fundamentally backups are broken.
But at one time, your backups worked—right?
What happened?
They were right-sized for your infrastructure, they met your business requirements, you knew all your data was protected, and you’d even had time to test recoveries.

But things change.

  • Infrastructure changes 
  • Business requirements change 
  • Service levels change 
  • Expectations change
  • Demands on your time increase

Change is the only constant.

Your backups were doomed, the odds were stacked against success, and they just couldn't keep pace. 

No matter where your data lives, be it in the cloud, on-premises, or a mixture of both, it needs to be protected. We all understand that when it comes to protection of data, High Availability is not data protection. Persistence of access to a service doesn’t guarantee access to the data. Your data needs to be accessible. And that doesn’t just mean you need to be able to get to it—it means it must be in the same state you left it when it was a known good copy. Whether from ransomware, corruption, accidental or deliberate deletion, we know that we need to guard it.

Every organization needs to ensure their data is protected. So what do we do?

At Open Storage Solutions, we understand this need. We’ve been in the business of data storage, data management, and data protection for over 40 years. We’ve lived and breathed the evolution of data protection and infrastructure as the industry has changed. We’ve seen and helped our clients to ensure high availability and persistence of data to meet the ever-changing service levels (SLA) demanded by their businesses.

The advent of the cloud, for instance, is simply an implementation of a service that we as IT professionals have been creating for years: Access to data from anywhere, with the ability to consume IT infrastructure in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. This is how we’ve always made IT work, it really isn’t new. What has changed, is the pace at which we can evolve our infrastructure to match the ever-changing business needs.

Now it’s time to review how we match our data protection strategies to the agility of your primary infrastructure. But who has theBackUp Button time for that? We do. Open Storage Solutions has the skills, knowledge, and heritage of providing solutions to our customers. Our business is built on protecting your data. IT’s what we do!

No matter where your data resides, what applications you run, or the SLA for the services you deliver, we’ve got you covered. Although each IT environment is subtly different, all IT objectives are fundamentally the same, and we are all working towards the same end goal: to never have a service go offline, and never lose any data. We’ve worked with environments like yours to help deliver success at every turn, so you can be assured you’re making the right decisions for your organization both today and for the future.

The key is how we keep pace with the ever-evolving and changing datacentre, where legacy infrastructure and operating systems are still important and DevOps becomes a reality. The preferred option is to look at NextGen Data Protection strategies.

At Open Storage Solutions we are constantly evaluating new technologies and approaches, keeping our skills up to date on the newest innovations, and then matching your requirements to the best of those solutions.  New technology gets adopted by organizations for many reasons: improved performance, additional capacity, enhanced security and simplification, to name but a few. Ultimately though, every technology is implemented with one end goal in mind, and that is to better align IT with the goals of the organization.

We have skilled and certified implementation technicians to deploy the solutions we provide, ensuring that what we say a solution will do, is delivered upon. You expect this, and our existing customers know we deliver. Not every provider, however, stands by their solutions like we do.

NextGen Data Protection: HyperScale

One of the newest entrants to the market for enterprise data protection, is the Commvault HyperScale solution. Being based on Commvault, you can rest assured it provides comprehensive protection for all your data, while not constraining your future data protection needs.

Hyperscale ApplianceThe approach is simple, but unique. Take the leading data protection and information management platform, built on a single codebase from the ground up, and couple it with pre-validated and integrated hardware to make it simple and easy to implement. This also ensures you know exactly how it will perform, and not just today, but into the future with web-scale architecture.

This way, you know you have the right product for all your data protection needs in a single easy-to-manage and cost-effective solution.

But what happens as things change?

The only constant in IT is that things change, and the rate at which that change is occurring, is ever accelerating. The answer is just as simple—match the data protection model to the changes in primary infrastructure, make it consumption-based, rather than locked and rigid, to give you the flexibility you need, and then, guarantee a hardware refresh every 3 years.

The not-so-secret sauce of the Commvault HyperScale Solution: It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s affordable.

In 2001 we became one of the first Commvault partners, and we have watched as Commvault led the industry with their understanding of how to meet the challenges of the ever-changing IT environment. HyperScale is yet another example of where Commvault has created a forward-thinking solution. It is NextGen data protection, built to grow and to evolve with you.

At Open Storage Solutions, we’ve seen the evolution. We know what it takes to keep pace with the primary infrastructure. We’re helping our customers modernize the datacentre every day. Whether you need to marry your legacy systems to current technology like converged, hyper-converged, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud—you name it, we have solutions and the experience to help you determine what is best for you.

NextGen data protection isn’t just shiny technology, it’s necessary for every organization.

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