QLogic SANbox 3050

SANbox 6140

Intelligent Storage Router

The QLogic SANbox 6000 Series is the industry’s first multi-protocol router that sets the standard for ease-of-use and exceptional price/performance. Per-server connectivity costs are brought to radically low levels, allowing users to connect remote servers over iSCSI to Fibre Channel-based disk/tape storage and thus gaining the benefits of storage consolidation.

Migration from Direct Attached Storage (DAS) to Storage Area Networks (SAN) now becomes virtually effortless, so that the entire organization has a way to keep data synchronized and readily available. Installation wizards guide the user through router configuration in record time. Ongoing monitoring, configuring and managing become greatly simplified using wizard-based configuration tools. Based on the same proven ASIC technology that powers over 50 million storage products sold by leading storage vendors, the QLogic SANbox 6000 Series offers unparalleled levels of performance and scalability.

Some of the more common applications for the 6140 and 6142 Routers include:

Networked SAN diagram

Adding an iSCSI interface for Native Fiber Channel Storage or SAN

Attaching mulitpli low-cost servers via iSCSI to a fibre Channel SAN

Connecting Campus-wide servers to FC SAN

Connecting Multi Vendor or physically seperated SANs (6142)

6140 Features and benefits:

San Configurator tool