PS6100 series

Scale, streamline and accelerate your enterprise data center

The SC9000 provides an ideal solution for large-scale storage, high-end workloads and distributed enterprise environments. Our latest flagship array offers all the industry-leading capabilities of the SC Series line in a fully upgraded, more scalable system leveraging Dell’s 14G server platform. Enhancements include:

  • 40% more IOPS, over 110% more throughputGUI
  • Up to 93% capacity savings for all-flash arrays
  • Dual 8-core Intel processors
  • 4x more system memory
  • Built-in volume failover for seamless disaster recovery
  • Enhanced application data protection

The SC9000 is backed by award-winning Dell Copilot Services, which combines centralized support, education and sales resources, and 24x7 active system monitoring to help improve performance and stability.

Massively expandable to scale up and out

The SC9000 provides quick, modular expansion to over 6PB raw SAN and/or NAS storage capacity per array, and can also be interconnected with other SC Series arrays in larger federated systems under unified management. Scale up or out quickly to meet storage and performance demands: 

  • Host-transparent volume movement between arrays in a federated cluster improves cache and capacity utilization for growing workloads
  • Clustered arrays are proactively monitored for the best volume placement based on customizable performance and capacity usage policies

Flash and hybrid performance powerhouse

All-flash and hybrid array options will revolutionize the speed and impact of your mission-critical applications. Comprehensive SSD integration plus a wide range of HDDs and ultra-dense enclosures provides the flexible performance you need.

With a new 12Gb SAS backend and enterprise-class multiprotocol network connectivity, the advantages of flash storage are now practical at any scale. The SC9000 delivers high IOPS and is integrated with the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN server cache solution to further accelerate applications.

Always available storage with automated cost savings

Ideal for private cloud deployments, the SC Series Live Volume feature now offers seamless disaster recovery with transparent auto-failover to fully synchronized backup volumes on another SC series array. 

Even as the SC9000 cranks up performance, the intelligent, virtualized architecture automates cost and space savings for ultimate economy.

  • Live Volume with auto-failover keeps workloads running continuously during unplanned outages and repairs your high-availability environment automatically when an array comes back online. No extra hardware or software is required.
  • Application Protection Manager Suite ensures server-side data integrity in Oracle, VMware and Microsoft database environments. Optional FIPS-certified self-encrypting SSDs and HDDs protect against data theft, loss or unauthorized access.
  • Built-in efficiencies include new block-level compression on all-flash arrays and pervasive “thin” methods. Patented auto-tiering leverages the best attributes of diverse drive types to optimize your data throughout its lifecycle.

Modular, enterprise-grade platformSC9000

Redundant, hot-swappable components make the SC9000 a resilient, easy-to-deploy and highly available solution. Add capacity quickly with any of five supported expansion enclosures. Customize I/O connections to multiprotocol SANs (FC, iSCSI and FCoE) and support file storage from the same pool via the optional FS8600 NAS appliance.  

SC9000 customers can scale with confidence knowing they are deploying a true future-ready solution. Investment protection includes: 

  • Extensive third-party integrations (VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc.)
  • Lifetime SSD warranty with comprehensive coverage against wear- out.
  • Simplified, evergreen software licenses
  • No forklift hardware upgrades
  • Tiering flexibility to assimilate new technologies faster

Dell Storage SC Series expansion enclosures

With up to 1024 total drives and 6PB raw capacity in a single array, the SC9000 is massively scalable. All data is managed through the primary storage controller, deployed in redundant pairs. To expand capacity, you can mix and match from any of the five supported expansion enclosures, depending on your specific performance, cost or density needs.

Options are available for ultra-dense (84 drives in 5U) and new high-performance 12Gb SAS enclosures. Adding a new enclosure is simple – the new drives can be automatically assimilated into the existing virtualized pool, or set up as their own standalone pool. Data-in-place upgrades make it easy to change controllers and other key components, or migrate from legacy SC Series arrays.