PS6100 series

Scale-out NAS that unifies file and block data with Compellent’s efficiency!

Now you can improve productivity and streamline your IT infrastructure by unifying block and file data on a single storage platform. The Dell™ Compellent™ FS8600 brings scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) to the Compellent product portfolio and introduces the innovative Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS) to the storage environment. A core technology of the Dell Fluid Data architecture, FluidFS is a clustered file system that avoids traditional architectural limitations by scaling capacity and performance non-disruptively. Advanced features help ensure your data is efficiently stored, managed and protected.

Manage your data efficiently while controlling costs

Paired with Compellent Storage Center, the FS8600 enables highly efficient file and block storage through a single virtualized platform, avoiding the overhead and complexity of two solutions. Users can keep CAPEX and OPEX in check while leveraging Compellent’s industry-leading block-level efficiencies for their file storage needs.

Automated tiered storage helps customers lower the overall cost of storage by dynamically moving stagnant files to less expensive drives. A single virtualized pool of capacity eliminates the need to carve separate spindles for file. Thin provisioning allows users to over-allocate NAS capacity, but only consumes space when data is written. And Copilot Support provides proactive award-winning support for the entire SAN and NAS solution.

Scale up and out as your storage requirements growFS7600 GUI

The Compellent FS8600 solution provides an extremely agile platform for constantly evolving block and fi le storage requirements. Performance and capacity scale non-disruptively to accommodate growing storage needs without forcing a platform rip-and-replace.

The scale-out architecture supports a single namespace across up to four FS8600 appliances and capacity expands up to 1PB manageable space with two Storage Center arrays. Load-balancing continually optimizes performance as the FS8600 system scales.

Keep your business online with a highly available solution

The inherent resilience of the FS8600 gives you another layer of data protection without adding complexity. Active-active controller pairs provide instantaneous failover without introducing idle resources. Features like cache mirroring, batterybased backup power supply and failsafe journaling protect metadata to help maintain data integrity. Redirect-on-write file-level snapshots require only one I/O per write, avoiding the performance degradation of the traditional copy-on-write approach. Asynchronous replication complements the robust disaster recovery capabilities of Storage Center at the file system level. Add another layer of data protection with native NDMP backup antivirus via ICAP and Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.

Enhance your enterprise storage capabilities with the Compellent FS8600 and enable an intelligent, agile future for your data center and your business..

Feature Compellent™ FS8600
NAS appliance and controllers Each NAS appliance has dual active-active NAS controllers with cache mirroring and integrated backup power suppl
Max capacity and cluster size Single namespace expands up to 1PB and out to 4 appliances (8 controllers)
Front-end (client network) connectivity 1GbE version: 4 x 1GbE ports per controller
10GbE version: 2 x 10GbE ports per controller
Back-end (SAN) connectivity 2 x 8Gb Fibre Channel ports per controller
Switch is required; direct connect to the SAN is not supported
Protocol support CIFS/SMBv1.0, NFSv3, Active Directory, LDAP, NIS, NDMP, SNMP
Memory 24GB DDR3 1066 MHz per controller
48GB DDR3 1066 Mhz per Controller (10GBe Version)
Files Max file size: 4TB
Max number of files per appliance: 64 billion
Max number of files per 4-appliance cluster: 256 billion
Max file name length: 255 bytes
Directories Max number of directories per appliance: 34 billion
Max number of directories per 4-appliance cluster: 136 billion
Max directory depth: 512
Thin provisioning Block-level with Compellent Dynamic Capacity
Snapshots Redirect-on-write, user-accessible over the network
Maximum number of snapshots per NAS volume: 512
Maximum number of snapshots per FS8600 system: 10,000