NetApp Products and Technologies

Simplify, share, and scale your critical storage networking infrastructure.

NetApp is a recognized global leader in unified, scalable, highly available, and completely interoperable storage and data management solutions. Founded in expert combinations of industry-leading hardware, software, and services, NetApp tested and proven High Availability solutions empower enterprises with competitive advantage, improved profitability, and accelerated timelines. At the heart of every NetApp solution is the Data ONTAP operating system.

Data ONTAP 8 overview

More customers trust Data ONTAP 8 than any other storage OS because its unprecedented agility enables businesses to shift and grow where needed with no disruption to operations. In a single, feature-rich platform, the Data ONTAP core operating architecture lets you massively scale your infrastructure without increasing IT staff.

Key Points:

    • More customers trust Data ONTAP than any other storage operating system.
    • Scale seamlessly across protocols using the same management tools and feature set.
    • Eliminate downtime, even during service upgrades, for business continuity.
    • Rapidly deploy and redeploy resources as business and IT needs change.

Unified Architecture

In today's collaborative business environment, you need a unified storage platform that can handle different types of files and data from various sources—including user files, e-mail, and databases. NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 works as a "unification engine," supporting SAN and NAS storage workloads natively, including Fibre Channel, FCoE, and iSCSI as well as NFS and CIFS network protocols. The platform scales, regardless of protocol, from small to large systems using the same features and data management tools.

Key Points:

    • Scale your environment using a common set of features and management tools.
    • Manage storage on NAS, Fibre Channel, FCoE, and iSCSI SANs from one console.
    • Consolidate and centrally manage all your data from a single storage system.
    • Protect your investment, simplify data management, and reduce your TCO

Efficiency Features

When "do more with less" is your mantra, every IT efficiency gain counts. NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 intelligent storage delivers a massively scalable, always-on shared infrastructure that enables you to store more data in less space, so you can retain data on disk for longer periods of time. It also reduces both capital and operational costs associated with power and cooling.

Key Points:

    • Reduce the data storage space you purchase and maintain.
    • Scale out your infrastructure, not your IT organization.
    • Instantly clone data volumes and data sets without adding storage space.
    • Simplify provisioning for multi-tenant shared storage infrastructures

Protection Features

Business continuity requires that data be online and accessible. That's why comprehensive data protection is a core component of the NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 data storage architecture. With NetApp Integrated Data Protection you can easily deliver availability, backup, compliance, disaster recovery (DR), and virus-scanning services directly from the storage platform.

Key Points:

    • Get high availability, DR, backup, and compliance in an agile architecture.
    • Use fewer server, storage, and network resources.
    • Restore application data and virtual machines in minutes.
    • Control access and lock data to prevent changes.
    • Activate and roll out services in minutes

Scale-Out Features

Only NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 offers a unified scale-out storage solution for an adaptable, always-on storage infrastructure to accommodate today's highly virtualized infrastructures. You can deploy not only NAS storage and file-based protocols, but also the SAN protocols—Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE—in a shared scale-out data storage system.

Key Points:

    • Gain sizeable I/O acceleration with multiple data controllers in parallel.
    • Provide almost limitless capacity—regardless of network protocol.
    • Massively increase single-volume capacity as content repositories expand.
    • Balance data and network connections anywhere in the storage cluster.
    • Optimize the data path; pNFS offers parallel access to NFS workload storage