Robust SAN with feature-rich software


The SC7020 offers a complete suite of advanced features to meet a variety of workloads. Automated intelligence of Data Progression optimizes drive tiers and RAID levels, while Live Volume maintains seamless business continuity through auto-failover between arrays. Features include:.


Consider these top features:

  • Federated data control with Live Migrate
  • Guaranteed performance with QoS, application by application
  • Data protection with Data Instant Replay and Remote Instant Replay
  • Dynamic Capacity, which separates storage allocation from utilization, optimizing capacity
  • Unified management of block and file storage and cross-platform replication between SC and PS Series*
  • VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) support, iSCSI Datacenter Bridging (DCB)

Intuitive management at your fingertips


From convenient web management from your mobile device (Unisphere for SC) to cloud-based analytics and monitoring (CloudIQ) or robust client-side software (Dell Storage Manager), SC7020 has the control points you need to streamline day-to-day tasks, smooth major migrations, and keep all your data fully available and optimized.

SC Series management helps you reduce operating costs with advanced and automated features, including easy data replication between SC and PS Series arrays, which gives PS customers flexibility to add SC arrays to their environment when they choose.

Space savings in the data center


SC Series delivers unprecedented levels of platform efficiency, along with comprehensive data reduction and:

  • Conservation of rack space for future growth
  • Smaller footprint, which benefits power and cooling expenses
  • Intelligent deduplication and compression for all storage tiers and drive types

Operating costs are reduced with advanced features like volume-level QoS, VVols support and departmental “charge-back” reporting, allowing instant visibility and control of a multi-terabyte, multi-location environment.


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Key Benefits


0-100% Flash Architecture


Target specific price/performance ratios with any mix of SSDs and HDDs – then modify the mix as your needs change. Add more flash to boost performance, or “cheap and deep” spinning disk as cold data volumes grow. Hot data will always be written to your fastest drives at the fastest RAID levels.


Intelligent Data Reduction


Like many SC services, Deduplication and Compression are applied dynamically at a sub-LUN level to optimize performance and reduce capacity needs throughout the data lifecycle. Fully integrated with Data Progression, SC data reduction saves money on SSDs, HDDs – or both in hybrid systems.


Low-Cost Business Continuity


Keep mission-critical apps running during unexpected outages and disasters with seamless volume-level auto-failover between local and remote arrays. Innovative Live Volume feature is native to SCOS – no extra hardware or software is required to create your “always available” storage environment.