Data Progression

Achieve IOPS goals with the least expensive mix of storage media, even as performance needs evolve

Deduplication & Compression

Dramatically reduce the raw capacity required to store your data

RAID tiering

Eliminate manual provisioning, increase efficiency and utilization


Simplify multi-array environments with quick and seamless data movement, plus proactive load balancing assistance via Live Migrate and Volume Advisor

ProSupport Services

Reduce deployment costs with remote installation options that ensure your project goes right the first time.

Persistent software licensing

Future-proof your investment, minimize the cost of upgrades and expansions

High performance that fits your budget, including all-flash


To compete with big business, you need efficient, real-time data access to quickly turn customer interactions into transactions and information into insights. The Dell Storage SC5020 puts the high IOPs and low latency your applications demand within reach.


Consider these top features:

  • Auto-tuned for maximum performance and cost-savings based on real-time usage information
  • FLASH-optimized for affordable all-flash or hybrid SSD/HDD deployments
  • Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN support included, with high-performance scale-out NAS option
  • Perpetual software licensing for low lifecycle costs
  • Award-winning Copilot Support

Enterprise storage features right from the start.


Ideal for stand-alone SANs or departmental/branch office deployments, the SC5020 is based on our larger enterprise-class storage solution, SC9000. Designed to support distributed large-scale growth, the overall Dell Storage SC Series portfolio ensures that as your organization grows, so will your ability to store, manage and gain insights from your data.

  • Fully virtualized array eliminates need to pre-allocate RAID groups, increases overall flexibility
  • Automated tiering among all drive types, including HDDs and read- and write-intensive SSDs
  • Space-efficient snapshots, remote synchronous/asynchronous replication, Fast Track disk optimization
  • Comprehensive management tools, including full integration and replication with SC8000

Industry-leading TCO saves more than data


Dual controllers, 30 internal drive slots and high performance Fibre Channel or iSCSI network ports come standard in a space-saving 3U chassis. This compact footprint helps to lower data center energy costs while the automated and intelligent data placement architecture reduces lifecycle hardware costs.


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Key Benefits


0-100% Flash Architecture


Target specific price/performance ratios with any mix of SSDs and HDDs – then modify the mix as your needs change. Add more flash to boost performance, or “cheap and deep” spinning disk as cold data volumes grow. Hot data will always be written to your fastest drives at the fastest RAID levels.


Intelligent Data Reduction


Like many SC services, Deduplication and Compression are applied dynamically at a sub-LUN level to optimize performance and reduce capacity needs throughout the data lifecycle. Fully integrated with Data Progression, SC data reduction saves money on SSDs, HDDs – or both in hybrid systems.


Low-Cost Business Continuity


Keep mission-critical apps running during unexpected outages and disasters with seamless volume-level auto-failover between local and remote arrays. Innovative Live Volume feature is native to SCOS – no extra hardware or software is required to create your “always available” storage environment.