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Dell EMC PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array

  It delivers new levels of performance and efficiency with a future-proof architecture that features end-to-end non-volatile memory express (NVMe) and a built-in machine learning engine. PowerMax is built on the comprehensive functionality and proven resiliency of Dell EMC’s flagship storage platform. It is designed for sixnines of availability and offers data-at-rest encryption (D@RE), massive scalability, and best-in-class data protection with Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), the gold standard in remote replication.


World’s Fastest Storage Array


PowerMax delivers unprecedented levels of performance with up to 10 Million IOPS2 , 150 GB per second bandwidth, and predictable response times of 290 microseconds for mixed workloads. It is true modern storage designed for mission-critical applications of today and tomorrow – including databases and applications as well as real-time analytics that demand uncompromising uptime and extremely low latency.


Future-Proof, End-to-End NVMe


PowerMax offers unprecedented performance with a future-proof, end-to-end NVMe multi-controller architecture. The key to driving new levels of performance is NVMe, a high-performance protocol designed for modern media. NVMe was architected to take advantage of the parallelism of modern multicore CPUs and SSDs to overcome the limitations of storage protocols designed for hard disk drives (SCSI-based protocols like SAS).


NVMe maximizes the power of a multi-controller all-flash array and, more importantly, opens the door to the next media disruption with support for storage class memory (SCM). SCM will offer an order of magnitude better performance—bridging the performance gap between flash drives and volatile memory (DRAM). PowerMax supports industry standard NVMe flash drives, is SCM ready, and will offer host connectivity via NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF).

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