15 Great Reasons
  • Open Storage Solutions is a DellEMC Platinum partner. That Platinum status ensures you that our Solutions Architects are highly trained on the Dell EMC platform and their ideal configuration. Not only that, but as a Platinum Partner, we can provide you with the very best pricing available for you investment.

  • We provide “Server Application Mapping” services. Simply stated, we work with you to ensure that your server is purpose-built to provide the computing resources required to meet the application-stated performance goals. Naturally, this service is included with your server purchase, and we guarantee our recommendations.

  • We have our own Field Service organization. we offer enhanced services over and above that provided by the manufacturer:

    • Issue escalation and resolution support, complimentary and included in all server sales.

    • Enhanced D. O. A. services. In the very unlikely situation that any newly deployed servers have a problem on initial delivery, you are not left to deal with time-consuming tasks to resolve the issue. We take over and ensure a replacement product is on its way to you asap.

    • Extended support options ensure that your server will be maintained for as long as you need, and often well after the manufacturer has deemed the model is “end-of- life”.*

  • We provide flexible deployment services for your implementation. By Flexible we mean where and when you need it, we are up for the challenge.

  • We provide server consolidation planning services. Considering a move to virtualise your environment? We will provide the expert assistance required to plan the complete consolidation project and show you how this will provide substantial operational efficiencies, improved reliability all while saving costs.

  • We are a National DellEMC Platinum partner with offices coast to coast. Want to purchase servers in Halifax or Indianapolis but deploy them in Las Vegas or Calgary, we will managed the project from end to end.

  • We have Federal Government PISA and NMSO procurement agreements in place together with the experience necessary to make these purchases simple.

  • We offer extensive and flexible leasing options to meet your business requirements.

  • We offer Hardware as a service (HaaS) This is a flexible option if you do not want to own your own servers and other hardware.

  • Need your servers hosted in a top class Data Center? Our Cloud Services provide a wide range of options to fit your exact requirements.

  • Open Storage Solutions is an authorized DellEMC “Pro-Deploy” certified partner for Networking and Storage deployments. We'll ensure perfect integration into your infrastructure.

  • We are an ISO 9000-2008 registered company. This ensures not only the quality of our services and methods, through regular independent quality audits but also the continuous improvement of them in an ever evolving IT landscape. Not everyone can say that.


DellEMC Platinum