Data Domain - Deduplication Products

Simplicity and Automation

Cohesity DataProtect is a web-scale hyperconverged solution designed to simplify your data protection by eliminating legacy backup and recovery silos. An easy to manage single UI and policy-based management DataProtect allows you to meet tight business SLAs with fast RPOs and instant mass restore to any point in time while reducing data protection cost by 70% or more.

Broad Application and Infrastructure Support

Cohesity DataProtect provides a consistent and comprehensive data protection for your virtual, physical and cloud environments, as well as business-critical applications with a single web-scale solution. Cohesity DataProtect supports a broad set of hypervisors, clouds, storage arrays and other adapters to deliver enterprise-class backup and recovery.

Protect, Search and Instantly Recover

Your data protection solution is only as good as how often it can backup and how quickly it allows you to search and recover data. Cohesity DataProtect reduces your recovery points (RPO) to minutes and allows instantaneous access to backups for application or file-level recovery, with a full catalog of always-ready snapshots.

Cloud-First Design

Take advantage of public cloud elasticity and economics with Cohesity’s cloud-first design. Cohesity DataProtect offers unparalleled data and app mobility, and maximum storage efficiency and security in the cloud with compression, dedupe and encryption. Search through your data to rapidly recovery granular application data or files.

True Enterprise-Class Performance

Optimize your data protection infrastructure and gain maximum storage efficiency with Cohesity’s enterprise-class capabilities including global deduplication, compression and erasure coding. Keep your data secure with strict consistency, and in-flight and at rest data encryption.

Open Storage Solutions knows Hyperconverged

Most of today's new Hyperconverged technology will drive down costs. However, with the wide choice in solutions available today, it is easy to make a mistake and select less than optimal technology. It makes extremely good sense to talk to one of our experts about your particular challenges. We will be able to suggest the best approach for your specific IT environment.

First Steps - The Storage Assessment:
We will do a simple assessment of your actual data, free of charge, and show you what you should expect to see as a result of implementing various possible solutions. Whether it is in capacity enhancements from de-duplication or reductions in backup volumes from an archiving approach, you will be armed with the crucial data required to make the best decision. We will show you how each technology can reduce your costs and we will suggest the best solution for your specific data and IT topology.

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