ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard

ISO 9001:2008 CertificateISO 9002

Open Storage Solutions®, its management and staff, are committed to continuous Quality Control throughout all of the company's operation with the aim of continuous improvement in all areas. The principal goal behind these efforts is to provide our customers with better, more reliable products that consistently exceed their expectations. For this reason the Company implemented the ISO 9002 Quality System in 1995 and is proud of its continuing successful registration and quality record.


Recently the International Standards Organization updated the standard to ISO 9001:2008 and OSS has completed the transition to this latest version which builds on the early upgrades and improvements.

Prior to this, in 2002 the standard was significantly overhauled and upgraded. The revised version of this standard (ISO 9001:2000) significantly improved upon the previous version by requiring organizations to consider their activities as "linked" and so adopt a "process approach" to their quality management system. The standard also shifted focus from a compliance standpoint to one of "continual improvement".

ISO 9001 relies on eight quality management principles that can be used by top management to lead and improve their organization.


These principles provide the foundation for quality management standards within the ISO 9000 series and at Open Storage Solutions.

Open Storage Solutions is committed to on-time, error free delivery of products and services, that exceed customer expectations.

Andrew T. Betterton
President and CEO