PISA and the NMSO

On Oct 2015, Shared Services Canada (SSC) implemented the Data Center Server and Storage Infrastructure ( DCSSI ) program. This is SSC's initiative to streamline the procurement and provisioning of IT server and storage infrastructure with a vision to standardize and maximize its use.

Through the DCSSI initiative, the Government of Canada has established new Supply Arrangements for the provisioning of Physical IT Server, Storage and Networking infrastructure. The Physical Infrastructure Supply Arrangement (PISA) is the first such Supply Arrangement. Effective Oct 2015, SSC has transitioned all applicable Server, Storage and Networking NMSO callups to PISA Price Book Order Contracts.

Open Storage Solutions Inc. has been an IT supplier to the Government for 39 Years and have held multiple National Master Standing Offers. We are pleased to announce that that we are currently listed on the Dell and Quantum PISA which allows us to Supply Servers, Online Storage, Offline Storage, Networking and Converged Infrastructure IT Products to the Government of Canada Users.

SSC has not yet officially terminated the NMSO and the information below is retained for referance at this time. The contact points are now also valid for PISA enquires.


NMSO - Federal Government customers:

Please call one of our Canadian local offices and talk to our sales representatives about our Federal Government programs and about our many data storage solutions that are now available through NMSO procurement.

NMSO Team British Columbia
•Telephone (604) 291-1181 •Fax (604) 291-0819

NMSO Team Alberta
•Telephone (403) 216-1420 •Fax (403) 216-1429

NMSO Team Central Ontario (except Ottawa)
•Telephone (905) 790-0660 •Fax (905) 790-0712

NMSO Team Ottawa
•Telephone (613) 228-7272 •Fax (613) 228-7255

NMSO Team South West Ontario
•Telephone (519) 438-0053 •Fax (519) 438-0054

NMSO Team Quebec
•Telephone (514) 734-5096 •Fax 514-734-8416

NMSO Team Nova Scotia
•Telephone (902) 423-2295 •Fax (902) 423-3229

NMSO Team Newfoundland
•Telephone (709) 753-4960 •Fax (709) 753-4963

For general NMSO inquires contact us at OSSNMSO@openstore.com

OSS Archival Storage Equipment - NMSO

Open Storage Solutions has a National Master Standing Offer with the Government of Canada for Archival Storage Equipment. The NMSO number is E60EJ-11000S/006/EJ

Detailed pricing for the offered products and categories are listed on the PWCSC website (available via the above link). Our sales team members will be happy to provide more information on any of the offered categories. Product overviews are also available on this site. Product Overview

Sales and service outlets details listed on the PWGSC site for this contract: Sales and Service

Technical support documents are available here

OSS NMSO Product Support Line

For support of products sourced from Open Storage Solutions

Call 1 800 387 3419 or Email: OSSNMSO@openstore.com

OSS Software Partner DISO Offerings

CommVault Systems Canada Inc E60ET-000008/001/ET

EMC Corp. (Includes Legato and VMware) E60ET-030003/001/ET

OSS Partner NMSO Details

EMC -Mass Storage N.M.S.O. and Archival Storage N.M.S.O.
NMSO: E60EJ-11000S/001/EJ

Network Appliance -Mass Storage N.M.S.O. and Archival Storage N.M.S.O.
NMSO: E60EJ-11000S/005/EJ

Important :
Please send all Callups to


How to order from OSS using a call up against an NMSO

These are brief instructions on how to place an order for equipment using the PWGSC-TPSGC 942 (02/2011)form.

Use the link above to download the 942 form.

In the "Ship to" section, enter your department name and address along with the purchaser’s name phone, and fax number;

In the supplier Section enter our Ottawa Office address:

Open Storage Solutions, Inc,
38 Auriga Drive,
Nepean, Ontario K2E 8A5

Open Storage Solutions Procurement Business Number (PBN) is 132932310 RT001 

Check your preferred method of invoicing; the most common way is to have the invoice sent to the same address as the "Ship to" block.

"Financial Code(s)" block is for any internal department billing codes that relate to this purchase.

Government departments usually do not pay Provincial Sales Tax; mark this box as "Non-Eligible".

In the main body of the form, list the items to be purchased and include quantities and price.

Submit all call up forms to

Email: callups@openstore.com

The Public Works website has information and FAQ sections covering the NMSO process.