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Open Storage Solutions® Inc Elevated to Ruckus Elite Status


Brampton ON, May 31, 2019 – Open Storage Solutions, Inc, a leading provider of data protection, and data management solutions, is pleased to announce that they have been elevated to Elite Partner status by Ruckus Networks.

With users switching between devices and screens 21 times each hour, the communications networks have had to sprint to keep up. This device hopping means an increase in data traffic not only confined to seeking out information for reference, but to download to devices for later, offline use. In addition, unique data is also being created, not only by users, Ruckus Logobut by an increasing number of IoT devices as well as by AI and machine learning. All this leads to an estimated 2.5 exabytes of data moving over more complex networks. 

“We have been addressing our customers’ data challenges for over forty two years,” said Andrew Betterton, President and CEO of Open Storage Solutions. “The paradigm of ‘accessing our data anywhere’ has created a new challenge for data availability, of course, but also the need for bullet proof security. We partnered with Ruckus Networks because they are a communications company with a vision to create the networks of the future.”    

Ruckus Networks does this:    

       •  By managing the connections of both wired and wireless networks,

       •  Covering millions of elements with the advent of IoT,

       •  Creating new architectures from the network core through the edge,

       •  Integrating connectivity for licensed and unlicensed spectrum,

       •  Minimizing complexity in network management, and

       •  Continually resetting the bar for low latencies at multi-gigabit speeds.

Open Storage Solutions network certifications include CWNAs (Certified Wireless Network Administrator), as well as ISX, Cloudpath, and Smart Zone accreditations.
About Open Storage Solutions
Open Storage Solutions®, Inc has been designing and integrating advanced storage products and high-performance, high-availability data protection for over 38 years. The company has a total commitment to providing the very best value solutions by utilizing leading edge technology and backing it with a high level of after sales service. Open Storage Solutions provides data storage, data backup, data protection and data management solutions, as well as provide Professional Services. Open Storage Solutions has offices throughout North America. More information can be found at: