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Open Storage Solutions® Inc Cloud Services Continue to Maintain Canadian Data Residency


Brampton ON, April 9th, 2019 –Open Storage Solutions Inc, a leader in data protection, announced today that it has always, and will continue to maintain data residency for its customers using their Cloud Services for backup, storage, or disaster recovery (DR).

A recent security breach of a data analytics and technology company has initiated an investigation of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The organization in question has a Canadian office but is headquartered in Atlanta Georgia in the United States. The breach occurred after hackers gained access to the data analytics company’s Inc.’s systems through a vulnerability the company had known about for more than two months, but had not fixed. The personal information of Canadians became caught up in the breach at U.S.-based company because they had obtained products, such as credit monitoring or fraud alerts, from the company. These were transactions that were processed by its parent company. Once Canadians’ information was in the company’s systems in the United States, critical gaps in its security program left the Canadian information inadequately protected.

“As the IT industry, and the practice of data transfer and cross border migration of information matures, we’ll begin to see challenges emerge,” said Andrew Betterton, President and CEO of Open Storage Solutions. “A number of years ago, when we began our cloud services practice, we recognized that it would take years for the privacy laws of the different jurisdictions to harmonize. With that in mind, we determined that we would keep the data of our customers within the country where it was created.”

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner indicated that a number of complainants were surprised that their information had left Canada and was transferred to the United States, which was inconsistent with their agreement under PIPEDA (Personal Information and Protection and Electronic Documents Act).

“We have always sought to inform our customers that even though companies must agree to comply with PIPEDA, regulations may evolve, security breaches may occur, and disaster in many forms may strike,” continued Betterton. “We have always encouraged them, even if they give their consent to have their data cross the border, for instance in the use of cloud-based applications, that they also maintain a copy or backup resident in Canada.”

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