Managed DR services

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Protection with High Availability

Managed Disaster Recovery services from Open Storage Solutions®, enables you to step up from simply maintaining a copy of all your protected data off-site, to a ready to run, second instance of your I.T. systems that are up to date and ready to run at a moments notice in the event that a significant issue has taken your prime location out of service. No longer is the lack of owning a secondary data centre an impediment to disaster recovery (DR).

With Open Storage Solutions’ Managed Disaster Recovery services you can effectively maintain a complete level of recoverability during any outage or disaster.  Open Storage Solutions’ service allows you to fully realize the cost benefits and piece of mind that maintaining a secondary off site copy of your protected data will provide. Not only can our service deliver this economically, Managed-DR also eliminates or reduces your dependance on tape media, tape device hardware and manual tape shipments, all of which are frequently identified as vulnerable points of failure in your data protection scheme.

Simple, Secure, Affordable

Your ever-growing volume of data stands face to face with your narrowing backup window, and your over-deployed budget.  This is where the traditional approach to data protection fails. But, you still have to maintain levels of service as you try to design a new solution; at the same time, you’re trying to determine which data is most critical, and which you can afford to lose if the worst should happen in the interim. And, who will make that decision. With Managed-Disaster Recovery services from Open Storage Solutions, you don’t need to make those decisions; all your data is protected.

Your first two questions should be:

  • What is your recovery time objective (RTO)? That is, how quickly do you need to recover from a data disaster?
  • What is your recovery point objective (RPO)? How much data can you afford to lose between the disaster and the last backup?

With Managed-DR from Open Storage Solutions, you  can be up and running in seconds and all your data is protected.

Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Managed- Disaster Recovery service from Open Storage Solutions® gives you enterprise-class data protection without the enterprise-class costs. You get off-site data vaulting in a secure facility so you can be assured that your data is protected off site. 

In addition to your off-site copy, OSS Managed-Disaster recovery service includes local continuous data protection, providing the quickest local data recovery while maintaining offsite high availability (HA) servers ready to bring up your failed systems in the event of a structural, environmental or cataclysmic disaster.

Manged-DR provides a comprehensive defense against logical failure, physical failure and site failure.


Specialized offering for multiple platforms:

  • Local and/or Remote System High Availability (HA)
  • On Site Continuous Data Protection
  • Off Site Data Vaulting
  • Remote Monitoring Service
  • First Call Technical Support
  • Quick Start Setup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Audited Remote Copy Validation

Disaster Recovery Protection with
High Availability

You may be surprised how affordable piece-of-mind can be!
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